Agya Koo Is More Popular Than John Dumelo And Majid Michel Combined — Producer

Famous Ghanaian movie producer Samuel Nyamekye, the brain behind the ubiquitous Miracle Films Production Company, has waded into the issue over who’s the most popular actor in Ghana and he also gives the title to Agya Koo hands down.

According to Nyamekye, Agya Koo is so popular that if you take Majid Michel and John Dumelo and combine them, they still wouldn’t approach the Kumawood icon’s status.

Recently a real debate sprung up over this issue after Tourism Minister Catherine Afeku, in justifying why they set up a tv station for Agya Koo, said he was more popular than Dumelo.

Speaking on the issue of popularity, Miracle Films agreed.

“Agya Koo is more popular than Dumelo and Majid put together,” he said.

“Agya Koo is more popular, let me tell you something, he holds a record which nobody in the industry has…If we need an actor who has taken major lead roles in movies for a consistent 10-year period, then it’s Agya Koo and nobody else. Nobody comes near him, he is a legend.” he argued.

“You can’t even compare Dumelo to Majid so how could someone do that by comparing him to Agya Koo.” he continued. “There is no way you will find it easy sending Agya Koo to London to shoot a movie. People will flood the place.”

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