After 8 Years On Radio And I Cannot even Boast Of A Car Or House; Sakawa Would Have Yielded So Much- Pope Skinny

CEO of Asuoden Music, Pope Skinny has disclosed that he has had enough of being on radio especially when it has yielded him nothing substantive.

At this stage, we can say without fear that the man is confused and just want to stay relevant. A couple of weeks ago, he was all over the place claiming he has the ability to resurrect rap music in Ghana and all he has to do is to host the Kasahari show on Adom Fm once gain.

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In an interview with Kwame Bee on the Di Wu Lane Mu show, he said “As a youth, you can’t be doing something for a very long time without seeing results.

“I’ve been on the radio for Eight years, I can’t boast of a house or a car I bought with what I earned from the radio. If it was Sakawa I was doing, I would have accomplished a lot after Eight years.”


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