After Ebony Died My Prayer Life Intensified But It Doesn’t Mean I’m Done With N*de Pics — Efia Odo

Born again Christian Efia Odo has once again reiterated that the death of Ebony really left her in shock and forced her to reevaluate her relationship with her creator.

However, what the death did not do was make her abandon her love for raunchy and half nekkid shots – according to her she’s going to keep doing that till Kingdom come.

“If there is anything that has stirred some change in me then it is the death of Ebony.” Odo told Graphic Showbiz in a recent interview.

“Her demise has brought me closer to God, my prayer life has intensified. Her death got me thinking and asking myself a lot of questions since I don’t not know when I will also be called to eternity.”

However, according to her, that doesn’t mean she has changed as a person. She said in recent weeks she has been uploading mainly covered pics because that’s how she dresses to work as a tv presenter.

“It is interesting ohh, please I have not changed. There is nothing to change about me, I am still the bubbly and I -don’t-care- kind of person.

“It is normal for people to expect that I take on some kind on rebranding just because I have taken up a new role as a TV host but no, I’m still me. The same old Efia Odo,” she added.

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