Akuapem Poloo The Serial Liar Admits To Lying Again — She Lied About Banging Waakye Just To Trend

Not only is she a shameless harlot but Akuapem Poloo lies effortlessly just to trend for a few hours. You can’t get any lower than that!

It’s now twice that she’s admitted to purely making things up purely for headlines. It’s difficult to see how anyone can believe anything she says from now on.

She lied on Medikal that he tried to ‘rape’ her and now she’s admitted to lying about having s£x with Waakye.

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A few weeks ago she told Delay that she’s slept with two actors in the industry – Waakye and Fred Amugi.

However, she’s now admitted that was also a lie.

“I was interviewed on Delay Show, which I made an unpleasant comment about Prince Yawson and I want to apologise for my utterances during the interview I did this because of fame I’m sorry”. she said.

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