Alleged Lesbian S£x Tape Of Celebrity Hairstylist Roji 1 Leaks! (VIDEO)

Social media slay queen and celebrity hairstylist Roji 1 is currently in hop pepper soup after a s£x tape of two ladies engaging in some steamy girl on girl action leaked and she has been alleged to be one of the participants.

Roji has been accused of being a lesbian for a while and Diamond Appiah, who has been making most of the allegations, shared the video to prove that the stylist is indeed a lezbobo.

The video shows two ladies kissing and ‘romancing’ each other with wild enthusiasm and it looks to be several years old.

Diamond has sworn heaven and earth that one of the ladies is Roji and she’s been using it to mock her online.

Roji and her followers also swear heaven and earth that she’s not the one in the video.

We can’t post it here but it can easily be found on Diamond Appiah’s facebook wall.

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