Apparently ‘Joyce Blessing’ Has Been Arrested For Stealing And Selling A Baby — Her Management Responds

A trending story over the past day or so has been about Joyce Blessing being arrested for stealing and attempting to sell a baby.

The lady involved in the theft is a Nigerian housewife who conspired with a hospital cleaner to steal a baby which they tried to sell.

The lady is called Joyce Blessing thus the story seems to touch on the gospel singer and it has forced her management to come out and respond.

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According to her publicist, the singer has not stolen any baby but the story refers to someone else.

“We Have not Stolen any baby. Seen Some Stories Online That One Joyce Blessing Has Stolen A Baby From a Hospital. The News Has Nothing To Do With Gospel Musician Joyce Blessing. The Victim is actually a Nigerian who is also Called Joyce Blessing.” Jullie Jay-Kanz clarified on social media.

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