Being In A Group Holds You Back — Akhan Of ‘Ruff n Smooth’

If there’s one thing that breaks a group up faster than anything, it’s the desire by any of the members to go ‘solo’, branch out and do their own thing.

Most groups that come to an end do so due to many issues, but more often than not it’s that desire to be a solo artist.

And according to Akhan of ‘Ruff n Smooth’ fame, that is because being in a group limits you as an artist.

Now branching out to do his own solo stuff, he said being in a group can handicap you as an artist, stopping you from exploring some creative angles you want to explore.

According to him, that is why these days people can be in a group but realize that they must allow each other to do their solo stuff, as ‘Ruff n Smooth’ has done.

“I feel so good being a solo artiste because now I can see that a lot of people have accepted that when you are in a group you can do your solo projects. For me, that is what keeps group for a long time because sometimes in a group people don’t have opportunities to do their own thing and that really hijacks talents individually you want to exhibit,” he said.

“We still can do our solo things but the group is still intact. We have a song with Diamond Platinumz and we’ll be releasing it this year but for now I am just wanna build the Akhan brand,” he added.

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