BOMBSHELL Audio: Family Member Of Late MP J.B Danquah Says Kennedy Agyapong Is Right — Anas And His Widow Are Having An Affair!

The plot thickens! A family member of the late NPP MP J.B Danquah-Adu has come out to comment on the allegations levelled against Anas by Hon Kennedy Agyapong claiming that the investigative journalist has been having an affair with the late MP’s widow.

According to the family member in a bombshell radio interview, everything the MP has alleged is true.

Speaking matter of factly, he revealed that Anas and Ivy Heward-Mills, the widow, have been having an affair dating all the way back to the time the MP was even alive.

He also alleged that the family staunchly believes that she had a hand in the late MP’s death.

He claimed that if Anas thinks the allegations are false he should come out and swear on the gods that he’s not having an affair with Ivy.

This family member seems to confirm everything the MP is alleging against Anas but the question is whether we buy everything he’s saying?

Listen to the audio of the interview below….

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