Business As Usual — NLA Boss Awards His Sister-in-law Eleven Government Contracts In One Day Totalling Over Ghc 500,000

The two major parties in Ghana disagree on a lot of things, they hate each other so much that whatever the party in power supports is opposed by the opposition, and vice versa, but there’s only one thing that has unanimous support.

Corruption; pure, unbridled, unadulterated corruption, and a disregard for what the people would think about their brazen acts.

Ghanaians booted out the NDC for a fresh start with the NPP but this new government has had its fair share of scandals and yet another has just been discovered.

The CEO of the National Lottery Authority (NLA), Kofi Osei Ameyaw, awarded eleven contracts to his sister-in-law, with a total value of over half a million Ghana cedis, in one day.

That’s 24 hours.

The sister, Rama Hassan, is a caterer and received the contracts to provide her services to the Authority.

According to Corruption Watch, the CEO of the NLA cannot award a contract worth more than Ghc 100,000 in value and not so coincidentally, the contracts all fell below that figure, with the highest being Ghc 99,470.

Called to speak about the issue, Ameyaw was belligerent and said Ghanaians don’t know what we’re talking about.

“I don’t preside over the process of procurement. People just go around and make preposterous allegations. It is about time Ghanaians stop all this hullabaloo about who is a relative and who is not a relative.” he said.

“If a company …bids for a project competitively….and somebody wins, I don’t think it is conflict of interest. People don’t even understand what conflict of interest means,” he added.

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