Caroline Sampson Comes For ‘Hypocritical’ Delay After She Said Dating A Successful Man Does Not Make You Successful

‘Hardcore’ Delay made a post in which she claimed that a lady dating a successful man does not mean she herself is successful, triggering an extended argument with fellow media personality Caroline Sampson.

Sampson came in hard for Delay who she felt was being hypocritical with her posts, knowing full well that there are so many ladies in Ghana who have tasted success simply by being associated with other successful men.

Delay posted: “Ladies, dating a successful guy does not make you successful. Success is not s*xually transmitted. Get your own.”

That prompted Sampson to respond, pointing out that ‘you and I’ both know successful men had helped women become successful – to which Delay replied that she doesn’t know that at all.

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Even Menaye Donkor got in on the conversation, just posting some laughing emojis as some people felt Delay’s post was mainly to be taken as a joke.

Check out the back and forth between the ladies below…




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