CHRIS-VINCENT’s MIND: Where Are All the Pathetic ‘Marriage No Be Big Deal’ Social Media Noise Makers?

Some bitter Ghanaian women who have been disappointed in life, once had a fairy tale wedding dreams and somehow life and probably their own actions screwed them up have been shouting on social media that marriage “no be a big deal”

It’s ironic that something that’s not a big deal has taken over the global space, with about 2 billion people expected to watch it on TV—and almost every media house in the world is talking about it.

It’s understandable that people who are disappointed in life regarding a particular thing or event would try to create the impression that, that thing is not important at all.

Whatever it is: marriage remains important global social and cultural institution and that’s what the royal wedding reiterates today.

When you miss out on something, be happy for those who are able to grab it. That’s what a reasonable person ought to do.

The question is: are those who claim marriage no be a big deal watching the royal wedding?

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong

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