Did You Know?? Having S£x In The Bathroom Leads To Albino Children — Spiritualist Claims

Whatever you think you know about the science behind albinism, forget it; because a spiritualist has discovered the real secret behind it.

Alhaji Akanayo, in a radio interview, has clearly stated that what causes albinism is a couple banging their brains out in their bathroom.

“Many people do not know that having s*x in the bathroom causes albinism. Sex in the bathroom comes with its own [serious] spiritual implications and one of such is giving birth to an albino.” he said on Happy Fm in Accra.

The Alhaji didn’t really explain the mechanics of his claim. What if a lady was already pregnant before having s£x in the bathroom? Would that change the already forming baby into an albino?

Soo many questions.

Anyway, in this joke of a country we call Ghana, another comedian, Hassan Ayariga, has claimed that albinism is due to having s£x with a woman on her period.

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