Divorcee Afia Schwar Now Claims Divorce Is A Blessing — Yet When She Was Married She Kept Praising Her Marriage So Which Is Which Madam?

There is a very famous saying that when you’re broke you claim that ‘kelewele’ causes jaundice. The principle being that when you can’t attain something you trash it as not that great anyway.

Afia Schwarzenegger tried marriage and she f*cked it up big time and now all she can say is that divorce is a big blessing and marriage is not all that great anyway.

Yet as we all remember so well, when Afia was married she used to brag about her husband all the time on social media and even once famously described him as every woman’s prayer point.

Now, she’s divorced and she’s encouraging it like crazy.

After the royal wedding over the weekend, Afia took to Instagram to praise divorce and said it’s a blessing which has helped Meghan Markle land herself a prince.


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