Dr. Nduom backs GUTA’s opposition to ‘new’ GIPC laws

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Businessman and Chairman of Groupe Nduom, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom has declared his support for the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) over the latter’s resistance to proposed amendments to the GIPC’s laws.

According to Dr. Nduom, the move has the likelihood to put local businesses at a disadvantage if not checked properly.

Citing some earlier assertions by the traders’ association for their stance, the 2016 Presidential Candidate for the Progressive People’s Party affirmed his support as,

“GUTA urged government to give a second thought and think of Ghanaians first.” – I SUPPORT GUTA!!

GUTA has for some time now expressed grave concern over the proposed amendments to Section 27 of the GIPC Act 865, which focuses on local enterprises.

The Greater Accra Regional Branch of GUTA in a statement emphasized the need for the President Nana Akufo Addo to stop the GIPC from going ahead with the move.

“We wish to tell the central government that if the GIPC goes ahead and make changes to Act 865 section 27 that seeks the protection of the Ghanaian trader, this is how the traders will react to the law if passed.”

Also, a statement signed by the Greater Regional Secretary of GUTA and copied to the Today Newspaper on Saturday, January 19, 2018 stressed that,

“The Greater Accra Regional branch of GUTA with the support of the trading public shall revolt against the government, if Mr. Yofi Grant is given the nod to make changes to the said section of the GIPC Act 865 section (27).”

The statement stressed that “We shall urge all traders by every means possible to protect their businesses else there will be no trading community for the indigenous Ghanaian “because businesses will be taken over by foreigners.”

The Greater Accra Regional branch of GUTA in the statement therefore, called on government to treat this issue with a posture of urgency when GIPC presents the redrafted Act 865 section 27 of the law.

It urged government to give a second thought and think of Ghanaians first.”

Credit: Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom

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