“During BECE Week, I Was At The Majesty Night Club Every Night”- Sister Durbee

I am the last person to be giving any advice on parenting but I have seen far many too cases of how strict parenting has resulted in the worst kind of children.

A lot of parents feel there is a need to restrict their kids and employ some sort of disguised autocratic ruling on these kids all in the name of nurturing them to be worthy of society.

We cannot dispute the fact that such of these measures have worked for some parents and some, we can say it did not go down so well.

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Deborah Vanessa told 3FM’s Showbiz927 show how she never had strict parents. According to the Ghana Jollof singer, her mother gave her the freedom and she made sure she never abuse that freedom.

She added that, once you allow kids enough room, space and trust, they will try all they can to not abuse it as they know how much that could hurt you.

“My mum never restricted me in doing anything, so I feel that gave me confidence and high self-esteem. You have to let someone know that you trust them and by so doing, they would not put themselves in a position to lose that trust. During BECE week, I was at the Majesty Night Club every night.”

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