Ebony Reigns And Alleged Lesbian Partner Franky Kuri Caught Kissing In New Video (WATCH)

It is funny watching Ghanaians who have classified lesbianism as a ‘sin’ hitting out at GhanaCelebrities.Com for reporting what could very well be the truth about Ebony, because in their minds someone being a lesbian makes them a terrible person and therefore, it’s defamatory.

But if you consider that s*xuality is just one part of a human being and they have many other parts which all combine to create their personality, there’s really nothing wrong with revealing what was kept from the public because of their judgemental nature.

GhanaCelebrities.Com exclusively revealed in the wake of Ebony’s death that the singer was in a lesbian relationship with her friend Franky Kuri, who died in the accident with her.

A video currently going viral on social media shows two people who look very much like Ebony and Kuri kissing.

Some say its the two of them and others say its not Ebony in the video.

Check it out below…click here if the video doesn’t play in your browser.

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