Ebony’s Dad Exposes Bullet; Says Bullet Abused Ebony Severally

The father of the late Ebony Reigns, Nana Opoku Kwarteng who is obviously not happy with how Bullet treated her daughter has come out to talk about the harsh treatment given to his daughter.

According to Nana Opoku Kwarteng, Ebony’s management headed by Bullet handled and treated his daughter poorly.

Ebony’s dad in an interview on Peace FM lamented over the ill-treatment RuffTown Records gave to her ‘queen’. He added that Ebony’s wish was to part ways with Bullet but due to the strict clauses in the contract, she had no option than to endure.

He said:

“She told me about the abuse severally, she was not happy with her management led by Bullet, she complained bitterly about her situation. As a father who so much loved his daughter, that hurt me. I was always praying for her to get out of that situation but there was a contract she’d signed, so she needed to abide by that, she had no option. I just kept my cool about what she was going through.”

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