Ella Mensah Must Really Think We Are STUPID; She Says All She Said About Dating A Married Man Was Under The Influence Of Alcohol

This is a very failed attempt at damage control— she was better off staying quiet for us to talk about it for a while until we have someone else’s case on our hands, whoever advised her to say this has done her a lot of harm than good.

We are talking about actress Ella Mensah who recently revealed she is in love with a married man and dating him. Ella made us understand that she never intended to fall in love with a married man as she was not in the known the man was married until she had already fallen for him— such a cock and bull’s story.!

What even prevented her from walking away when she realised it? Anyways, the actress has made a U-turn on the issue and it is even for the worst.

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She says she was under the influence of alcohol and did not mean any of what she said although a married man proposed to her, she said no because of his marital status.

“It was Bibi Bright’s wedding and I was served with a cocktail with little alcohol so I don’t even remember most of the things I said, pls am not dating any married man” ..she said.

“What I meant to say is that I felt affection for a married man after he proposed, but I can’t date him because he’s married, Ghanaians should forgive me pls “ …the ‘Playboy’ actress concluded

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