Family Of Soldier Who Died With Ebony To Go To Nogokpo To Find Who’s Behind His Death

A family member of the late soldier who perished with Ebony, Francis Atsu Vondee, has warned the Ghana Armed Forces to name whoever ordered him to be a bodyguard for Ebony or face their wrath.

According to Ian McWillis, who’s believed to relate to the soldier, he did not leave post and go with Ebony without permission as the military is trying to paint and they believe someone in higher authority ordered him to protect Ebony.

In a ranting post on social media, McWillis said whoever sent him to protect Ebony is responsible for his death and must be made to pay. He gives the military an ultimatum to name that person or they (his family and friends) would visit a shrine and curse that person.

He wrote…

“Who’s the big man who feels ebony needs protection and sent our Atsu to die like a fowl?we the family, friends and the entire Adidome township want to know who ordered atsu.atsu was a discipline guy.they now want to make it look like atsu was a bad boy.start speaking the truth. i smell a rat. Atsu wil avenge his death.we will look 4 the sender.”Mafi Kutupong,Melemewowoe be Yenormewadui”.u want this poor soul face the marshal court? hmmmm.the big man who sent Atsu to protect ebony speak b4 ur families start dying same very bitter and serious. don’t think dead men don’t talk.A tsu wil be buried like ‘ametsivume”. # who sent Atsu Francis Vondee to protect ebony?


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