Francis-Xavier Sosu’s Three Year Ban Overturned By Human Rights Court

The three year ban imposed on human rights lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu by the General Legal Council has been lifted by an Accra Human Rights Court which heard his appeal.

The court has ordered that the General Legal Council’s verdict, suspending the lawyer for three years, be set aside and his licence reinstated.

The case was a huge one last year when it occurred. A certain rule by the General Legal Council dictated that lawyers would not be able to use social media to advertize their services.

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Sosu was tried by the Council who found him guilty of flouting the regulation and handed him a three year sentence.

He was also given a one year suspension for misconduct based on a complaint filed against him by a former client.

He appealed to the Human Rights Court in November 2017 and the case has now ended with an order for his sentence to be quashed.

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