Ghana’s Music Industry Is ‘Dangerous’ And Filled With Hate — Kwabena Kwabena

Kwabena Kwabena has come out to lambast the Ghanaian music industry following the shocking death of Ebony, describing it as ‘dangerous’ and filled with hate.

According to the veteran highlife singer, there is a lot of hate, backstabbing and dangerous things happening in the industry as some people try to stop the success of others.

Ebony’s shocking death occurred in a car accident last week. And although many prophets claim they saw the death before it happened, Kwabena Kwabena believes the pull him down syndrome in the industry could have something to do with it.

Speaking on Joy Fm Tuesday, Kwabena Kwabena lamented the dangerous nature of our industry.

“Our industry is quite dangerous. I know what I am talking about…..I believe the industry is quite cold, there are some few bad ones in there who don’t really wish well for others,” he told Lexis Bill.

“It’s not something I am so proud of. I must say. I am not proud of it. There’s so much hate, there’s no love. There’s no togetherness. People don’t give respect to whom respect is due,” he added.

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