Girl Who Appeared In Moesha’s CNN Documentary Releases Her Own Documentary Against ‘Trokosi’ — WATCH

A few weeks ago Moesha Boduong trended for days on the back of the release of a snippet of conversation she had with Christiane Amanpour for her CNN program ‘Love & S£x Around the World’.

The entire documentary was later released and many Ghanaians did not really watch it but remained fixated on Moesha’s comments about women having to f*ck sugar daddies for money to rent.

In the full documentary however, Amanpour took time to interview a Ghanaian lady whose life had changed irrevocably two decades prior based on some work Amanpour had done in Ghana.

Amanpour did a documentary on the ‘Trokosi’ system years ago and the lady, Brigitte Sossou Perenyi, was part of the girls sold into ‘slavery’ to serve the priests as part of Trokosi.

After Amanpour’s documentary an American man adopted her and now, many years later, Brigitte has released her own documentary about ‘Trokosi’.

The documentary is titled ‘My Stolen’ Childhood’.


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