GOSSIP: Rahim Banda Allegedly “Chopping” Down Teen Actress Yaa Jackson?

The Ghanaian entertainment industry is full of hot gossips — what else do you expect from the younger ones if grown-ups in the industry are actively ‘banging’ each other?

Now, young actor Rahim Banda is allegedly ‘banging’ teen actress Yaa Jackson according to Ghbase.

Rumours have it that Rahim Banda has been texting the teen actress with romantic messages on WhatsApp as well as on Instagram not leaving out video calling and other romantic stuff lovers do.

According to Ghbase, Yaa Jackosn, on the other hand, seems to be in love with the handsome young actor and wouldn’t mind making their supposed romantic relationship public.

Yaa Jackson in a recent Instagram post suggests that indeed, she is in love but as to whether it is Rahim Banda, only time will tell.

She posted; “Am in love but who care’s to know?”

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