How I ‘Stole’ My Name — Wendy Shay Confesses

For nine years one of the most popular sitcoms on television was ‘How I Met Your Mother’; a show in which a married man with too much time on his hands sits his two children down and tells them the over convoluted story of how he met their mother.

Fast forward to today and sensational singer Wendy Shay has told us the story of how she ‘stole’ her name.

The ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker was born Wendy Abena Ofusuhemaa Asiamah Addo but is known professionally as Wendy Shay.

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Recently in an interview with Abeiku Santana, Shay revealed almost everything about herself and she talked about how she got her name as well.

According to the ‘Bedroom Commando’ singer, growing up in Germany she used to watch a lot of kids shows on tv and one of the ones she loved most was ‘iCarly’.

‘iCarly’ is the story of a teenage girl, Carly Shay, who creates a fun webshow with her best friend Sam Puckett and their geeky friend Freddie Benson. It was one of the most popular Nickelodeon shows of its time.

According to Wendy Shay, she loved Carly so much that when the time came for her to choose her professional name for her career — she took her own name Wendy and added the Shay from Carly’s full name in the show.

Carly Shay was portrayed by American actress and singer Miranda Cosgrove.

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