“How In God’s Name Can You Justify That?” — Jessica Opare Saforo Slams Those Attacking Lydia Forson After She Suffered Assault

Citi Fm presenter Jessica Opare Saforo is sticking up for actress Lydia Forson following the recent assault she suffered at the hands of a security official.

Despite suffering assault, Ms Forson has not necessarily received sympathy from everyone as some people argue her brash attitude during the confrontation led to her getting beat down.

A Plus is one person who has not defended her, as well as countless others online.

Responding to the issue on her social media timeline, Jessica is pissed that people cannot see the victim in this scenario and instead they are trying to shut her up.

Wondering how anyone can justify such assault, Jessica argues that the more people try to shut up assertive ladies like Forson and herself, the more they would fight back.

She wrote:

Some of you people on social media don’t get it!!

I can’t believe people are justifying what happened to Lydia Forson. How in God’s name can you justify that?

Oh wait! I see what’s happening here! Some of you think you can tow that line to shut her up!? … or to break her spirit maybe?

Hehehe! Lemme take a second to school you.

Attacking women like us… (Yes because I feel personally attacked too) doesn’t keep us quiet ooo. It only fans the flames. So all you male chauvinists and myopic women better take several seats.

Let’s stick to the issues. Only dimwits embark on personal attacks when they know they can’t match you in substance.

There’s a new wave…. catch it! #2018.

Lydia Forson on Monday narrated how she got into an argument with a security officer which devolved into assault on herself. She filmed part of the encounter and posted it online.

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