I Am Not A Marriage Material, I Am Not READY For That!- Timaya

If you are talking marriage, then Timaya is certainly the last man you would want to involve in such a conversation with. He says he is not ready for marriage, did not add when he would be but added that he is not marriage material.

It looks like he is all for the music and being a father which he says is actually the best thing ever. In an interview with Vibes Magazine, he talks about fatherhood, marriage and his career.

The father of three stated that he does not have to be all serious because he is doing music. He mentions how it is the path and the life he has chosen and has decided to make the most fun from it.

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He told the Magazine,  ‘‘No. I’m not a marriage material. I’m not ready for that. Fatherhood is life. Anything that is good comes easy.

“My music is my love and Emma is my life, so we are living it. Sometimes she tells me that “Daddy I don’t like that song, take it off”, and I will be like “why don’t you like it?”

“I’m trying to grow my kids in the way of love just so that they can be real. If I have bad breath, my daughter can tell me, “Daddy your breath does not smell nice”.

“Music and fatherhood is a happy life. I’m not living like I have to be serious because I’m doing music. It’s the job but that’s my life. I might just be doing music sometimes in the studio with my daughter but of course I’m a father, I know what is good for her at her age. So I can tell her “hey, It is bedtime now”. I’m a responsible dad also.”


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