I Cried After Hearing Of Ebony’s Death — Rev. Lawrence Tetteh Reveals

Reverend Lawrence Tetteh was the last person who popped up on Ebony’s social media feed before her untimely death. The founder and leader of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach held a meeting with Ebony prior to her fatal accident.

According to Lawrence Tetteh, Ebony made a lasting impression on him within that short 20-30 minute meeting to the extent that when he heard the news of her death, he cried.

The preacher appeared on TV Africa’s Breakfast Live program this morning for an interview with Obuobia Darko-Opoku.

Speaking about the late singer, he said he led her to Christ during their meeting and she had even promised to attend his church when she was back to Ghana after her upcoming tour.

However, that was never to be as she died within the next few days.

“I cried [when I heard the news].” Tetteh told Obuobia. “My wife held my hands in bed.”

“I said ‘oh no’…I felt like God brought her my way because she needed to make it to heaven. She was receptive to the gospel I preached to her.” he added.

Dr Tetteh reiterated that he believes wholeheartedly that the singer is now in the hands of God.

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