I Don’t Collaborate For Hype, I Can Make My Own Hit Songs — Rex Omar Brags

Ghanaian high-life musician and the Chairman of Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), Rex Omar has stated that he has already made his name in the music industry so he wouldn’t depend on featuring his colleague artiste in order to be popular.

The “Abiba” hitmaker said, if he features someone on his song or someone features him on his song, the benefit rather goes to the other artiste.

He added even though he has nothing to prove his points but the kind of music he has been releasing in the past years are clear evidence to support his words.

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“When I feature on songs or I’m being featured on a song, it’s for the benefit of the other artiste, I can make hit songs on my own”, he stated.

The celebrated highlife legend, Rex Omar has released danceable songs like “Abiba”, “Obi Doba” and many more hit songs.

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