I Got A Sugar Daddy At 16 Years And Have Slept With 24 Others For Money — Akuapem Poloo Drops All Her Secrets To Delay (Video)

After loudly claiming that she wouldn’t interview Rosemond Brown on her platform, Delay relented and brought on the trending queen of the moment.

Akuapem Poloo poured her heart out on the show, revealing her entire life story including how long she has been banging men for money.

The actress revealed that she had her first sugar daddy at age 16, had her first child at age 24 (with a different man) and since giving birth she slept with over 24 men to take care of herself and her kid.

She also admitted to sleeping with Waakye and Fred Amugi, as previously reported: explaining she had a crush on Fred Amugi and decided to bang him and Waakye slept with after helping to introduce her into the industry.

Watch Poloo’s interview with Delay below…

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