I have No Problem With Afia Schwar At All, She Is An Entertainer- Becca On Why Afia Has Been On Her Case That Much

Following Afia Schwar, a lot of things has been consistent in her life and thus far, one of such things is how she has set herself up to keep eagle eyes on Becca.

In the past, the loudmouthed comedienne has called the songstress a lot of names and branded her an Instagram star after signing on to Zylofon media.

“Becca was on top of her game when she joined Zylofon Media but has now declined to the drains. Becca released her latest album not long ago but how many songs have you heard as far as the album is concerned. She’s now turned into a model who is always bashed for bleaching her dark skin under the influence of the media outfit,” she said in the video

Then Becca recently launched her spa, there was Afia again poking her nose where it did not belong and wondering why no one from Zylofon came to the launch of her spa.

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Maybe now that Becca has made it clear that she would resign at Zylofon, our lady can leave her be. Though one would think the feeling is mutual and Becca also has the same feeling towards Afia, she says she has no issues with the mother of 3.

“I have no problem with her at all. She’s an entertainer, she does her thing and she has fun doing it”

“It’s like me as a singer, I can sing some words in my music and it might just hurt somebody and I wouldn’t even know that it has hurt somebody”

“She also has the opportunity and people like what she does and I think she goes ahead and she does it. Honestly, am cool with that,” she added



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