Ibrah One Faked His Arrest To Test The Loyalty Of His Squad — REPORT

With wildly contradicting reports surrounding his arrest, Ibrah One refuses to quietly go away.

The millionaire was reportedly arrested earlier this week on charges of money laundering and fraud, but has since come out to claim he was never arrested and that he was in a spa all day.

However, a new report, which might be a desperate attempt at spin from his camp, claims that Ibrah was indeed arrested but that it was all a theatre to discover who among his ‘boys’ would remain loyal to him when he got into trouble.

mynewsgh ran the report of this seeming farce.


Accra’s millionaire Kingpin Ibrah 1, who was in the news as having been arrested by a combined team of police and Interpol personnel following a snitch by a close friend of his has broken his silence.

MyNewsGh.com’s source close to him confirmed that there was a minor incident which was solved ‘long ago’ but Ibrah’s inner crew, decided to blow the news of his alleged ‘arrest’ out of proportion, by their own bloggers, to test the loyalty of some of the boys around Ibrah benefiting from his philanthropy.

Ibrah, we further learnt was at Pergola Spa relaxing and following the news of his arrest and the comments on Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp of his boys about him, while he (Ibrah) kept posting on Snapchat and whatsapp status that he was going down and won’t go alone.

While MyNewsGh.com is making making efforts to have a sit down with Ibrah the rich social media millionaire about the issue, we are unable to confirm how true our source’s version of events is, as some people hold the view that this could be a narrative to make the issue blow over as nothing.

 We are told Ibrah-One has since began moves to cut off most of his boys whom he hitherto thought were loyal but on hearing news of his predicament passed unsavoury, derogatory comments about him after he helped make them rich too, with some eating and sleeping at his benevolence.

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