Ibrah One Sits Down With Joy News — Opens Up About Source Of His Wealth, Arrest, Money Laundering Allegations PLUS MORE (WATCH)

The Ibrah One story! For once and for all Ibrah has opened up to tell his story from his own perspective to convince Ghanaians as to why the source of his wealth is legitimate.

Real name Ibrahim Dauda, he spoke with Joy News at his plush mansion from where he was picked a few months ago by the police.

That episode brought him into the limelight like never before. He trended for days before later coming out to claim the entire thing was a hoax.

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He also uploaded numerous cryptic posts to social media in which he named some people he claimed were part of the money laundering game in Ghana.

In the interview Ibrah was asked about all those, the source of his wealth, why he shared iPhones on his birthday plus more.

Learn all you can about Ibrah by watching the documentary below…

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