Is The ‘Concert Party’ Already Over? Shatta Michy Takes Down Posts Alleging Shatta Wale Beats Her Down From Facebook

The ‘concert party’ being run by Shatta Wale and his baby mama Michy in which they are attacking each other for domestic abuse might end a lot sooner than expected.

Michy has taken down all the posts she made alleging being abused by Shatta Wale and also her subsequent ones ‘exposing’ the real reason why they are fighting.

Last night the two started throwing shade at each other on social media, starting with Shatta Michy sharing a photo claiming she has been abused by Wale.

He also fired back claiming she has slapped him and chased him with a knife, and she later alleged that he’s pissed off because she didn’t answer a couple of missed calls from him.



However, despite throwing out all these allegations out there, Michy has now taken down all her posts. She has taken down last night’s accusation of abuse and other posts she made this morning.

As you can see from our last post on the two of them (in the screenshot below), Michy’s claims have now been removed from Facebook. Is the charade of a fight between the two of them already over?

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