It Is Either Shatta Wale Is living In A Fool’s Paradise Or There Is More To Their Sham Of A Break-Up; Opana Says Michy Is Back Home

It is obvious Shatta Wale is doing all that it takes to get Michy back though it does seem the feeling is not returned. In a recent video Shatta posted on his snap, he was all in his elements behaving like a family man with Michy and their son, Majesty.

Michy has said she is not going back to Shatta and as believable as that may sound, some of us see all the loopholes in that narrative.

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In an interview with Berla and Giovanni on Starr, Shatta revealed that Michy is back home and she is the next artist he is going to produce.

“Me and Shatta Michy? It is for life. Come on! She is the next artist I’m going to produce… She is back home.”

“…cos I’ve experienced that. Let me just say like, for instance when people see Shatta Wale, they see me like this rugged, rowdy boy… who doesn’t know what he is doing?

“I’d say with the help of my partner around me, I’ve been able to put certain things on the table for myself. I feel women are more important in our lives.”

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