Jealous Wife Barbecues Her Husband’s SIDE CHIC With Burning Oil And Chilli Sauce

I bet after reading this one, those of us who have been warming the beds of married men would have second thoughts anytime we decide to go on that spree.

30-year-old Giang Jun has found herself at the extreme bad side of the whole side chic and other lady bits. Daily Mail reports that a jealous and perhaps bitter wife stripped Jun n*ked after dragging her from her beauty spa on Tuesday 10 pm Vietnam time and bathed her in burning oil and chilli sauce.

‘There was lots of cursing at the woman. The wife said she had been married for ten years and that the beauty spa owner had destroyed her marriage.

‘There were a group of women helping her. She pulled her hair and slapped her. She put chilli powder over her body in the middle of the High Street.

‘The victim showed no resistance, she just was on the ground and received it. I think she was taken to the hospital because of burns caused by the powder.’

The police have taken over the case and investigations are ongoing.


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