Joe Mettle Claims S*x Before Marriage Is Wrong But He Himself Cannot Answer When Asked If He Has Been Doing Some Of The ‘Distin’

Have you noticed that whenever someone tells you not to do something, they’ve probably done it before themselves or are currently still doing it? It’s like they’re allowed to be hypocrites but you are not.

Even the ‘great’ Jesus Christ himself called people ‘fools‘ after warning that anyone who called another person a fool would go to hell. Even the greatest rabbi of all time couldn’t refrain from being a hypocrite.

That’s why you should never listen to the lame moralists of our time like Counsellor Lutterodt or Mannasseh Azure because invariably, they are all doing something they shouldn’t be but spend time telling others what to do and not do.

Gospel singer Joe Mettle was recently asked by Naa Ashorkor what he thought about s*x before marriage and according to him, it is the wrong thing to do.

Asked more pointedly whether he himself has had s*x before marriage, Mettle kept dodging the question, instead of admitting the honest answer that yea he has banged numerous times and enjoyed it.

Listen to the exchange below and discover what a giant hypocrite Mettle is.

Naa Ashorkor Pins Joe Mettle To Talk About His S*xual Life On Radio And … [Listen] • • The Gospel musician and reigning VGMAs Artiste Of The Year was straightforward to tell @naa_ashorkor_ on Joy Fm’s “Rhythms A-Z” that s*x before marriage is wrong BUT whether @joemettle has done the wrong thing before or not, he says the media bugs him too often with this question. The conversation turned into a mind game of questions and answers. [Press Play] and tell us whether you’ve gotten the answer or not from the game. ______________________________________________ #FameBugs #Ghana #Celebrities #Gossip #Africa #Enews #FameBugs

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