Joey B Says He Can Never Be BROKE- He Boarded Trotro To Teach People How To Be Humble

Weeks ago, the Tonga hitmaker, Joey B was in the news for all the ‘wrong reasons’— we had not heard anything from his camp for as long as our memory will serve us and just when we thought he was releasing a new banger, he was seen boarding a trotro.

That is not a bad one if you ask me but once you set the stake so high, you must do whatever it takes to maintain that status quo and any deviation from that standard will raise eyes.

We all have had the wrong thoughts all along, we have wasted our empathy for nothing because the man with all confidence says he is not broke and never will be.

Speaking in an interview on ENTAMOTY live show on Class Fm with Barimah Amoaning Samuel, he established that boarding a trotro was his way of putting the humility message across. My question is who is even asking him to?

“I was actually shocked when the news came out, my uncle even called me and was like Kwesi is everything okay? I was trying to portray something.

“I remember at a point in time when things were not all that Rossy I used to pick trotro myself and my sis we were picking trotro to school, now it was a norm; my dad a graduate and a very nice man were picking trotro that means he was very humble.

So I learned from that, hey I need to teach people how to be humble I CAN NEVER BE BROKE”

We sincerely hope so…

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