Kaywa Brands Nana ‘Michael Jackson’ Boroo A Liar; Says He Never Purchased Any Of The S£x Stuff He Sold

In a recent interview with Doreen Andoh, Nana Boroo aka Michael Jackson revealed to the world his hustles before seeing the infamous limelight.

According to Boroo, he used to sell condoms, vibrators and any other thing s*x-related— in actual sense, dude was the go-to guy for everything s*x-related.

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He says Nana Boroo used to sell in and around his studio because it was a good place for business but he never purchased anything from him and labelled him a liar.

He sold at my studio because he knew that was where he could easily get in contact with artists and other people who came to my studio but never bought a pin from him,” he said on Hitz Fm

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