Leila Djansi Should Stop Spewing Garbage Opinions About Women And Cooking — Coded

4X4 member Coded has slammed filmaker Leila Djansi over recent comments she passed about how women should approach their relationships.

Djansi sparked outrage with her ‘advice’ that no woman should cook or clean for a man she’s not married to.

Speaking on that ‘advice’, Coded said it’s nonsensical and Djansi should not stay in America and pollute the minds of up and coming young ladies in Ghana with her ‘rubbish’.

“I don’t think she is Ghanaian. She should come and stay here, grab a fine looking nice gentleman who she’s in love with and come and tell us again that she’s not going to cook and clean.” Coded fired.

“She’s in America and thinking like American, she shouldn’t think like American she should come to Ghana and think like an African, it’s wrong to say that. It’s wrong to say that rubbish. How can a whole producer like you, who people are looking up to, a lot of women are looking up to you, then you come and say this rubbish to us?” Coded wondered.

Leila Djansi

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