LEVELS! Chioma Has Dropped Out Of School To Chill With Her Millionaire Boyfriend And Her Parents Are FURIOUS

Davido and Chioma have been making trending headlines all across the continent and as a couple they have become the envy of slay queens everywhere.

Chioma is living her dream having received the ‘assurances’ (cash and outrageous gifts) she needs from her man and in return she stays with him and helps him advance his career even if it means her own personal dreams are left by the wayside.

It seems she’s enjoying her time with Davido so much that she’s dropped out of school which has angered her parents beyond measure.

According to sources close to her devout SDA family, Chioma has dropped out of college where she’s reading economics.

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Nigeria’s Vanguard newspaper reports that she enrolled in Babcock University (a Seventh Day Adventist school) in 2012 and to date she’s yet to graduate despite reading only a four years course.

“Chioma who gained admission into Babcock University to read economics in 2012 is yet to graduate, when she should have completed the course since 2016.” the source told the Vanguard.

“Chioma, once skipped a whole session because she was travellling around with Davido and had to defer her studies. For months now, she has not been attending classes. I can’t even remember the last time she was in school. The last thing I heard from her friends in school is that she’s not interested in coming back to Babcock. She’s travelled out of the country again and it doesn’t look like she’s coming back.”

“A friend confessed to me that she told her she’s not coming back to Babcock.” the source added.

Chioma’s devout religious folks reportedly want her to complete school and get married before living the kind of life she’s living with Davido but she’s in love and receives everything she wants from Davido so she has no plans of listening to them at all.

Meanwhile, Davido, having seen the report, simply tweeted out that ‘he’s observing’.

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