Love Supersedes Everything; It Sustained My Marriage For 20 Years – Jude Lomotey

In this age and time where money does the job of love, it is hard and close to impossible to find love if you are one broke man.

Moesha and Baby Blanche have sounded that very clear and honestly ,they could not be far from the truth.

Nonetheless, there are few ones there who believe in the magic love can work even without all the wealth in the world .

According gospel musician Judy Lomotey, her marriage survived on love. She says all other things like s*x and money are just contributing factors.

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Speaking to MzGee of Joy Entertainment, she said, “Marriage is honourable, you are honoured when you are married. All said and done, love should reign. [Money, s*x etc] are complements. They complement the marriage but I think love supersedes all if I marry you for money and the money is no more what do I do.”

“It still comes to submissiveness because sometimes when we become stars, we assume that we are all over the place so whatever the man says doesn’t matter….it will not work because the bible asks us to be submissive so the men can love us”.


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