Make Sure You Launch Your Next Album Privately Like Your Wedding — Angry Fan Tells Sarkodie

A peeved SarkNative has asked their boss, Sarkodie to make his next album launch private and invite all those celebrities who graced his wedding and let Strongman be the MC.

As to whether the Facebook username, Ofori-Krah Arabio is a true SarkNative we cannot tell but looking at he wrote under Sarkodie’s wedding photos, Sarkodie should have at least invited a few SarkNatives to also have a feel of his much-awaited glamorous wedding.

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Obviously, the fan is peeved about how Sarkodie handled his wedding ceremony — from strictly by invitation style to delaying official wedding photos.

Sarkodie posted some photos of his marriage with Tracy with a caption; “As intimate as I want it, My fans deserve to see these priceless moments in my life, Thank you”.

Ofori-Krah Arabio, obviously a peeved SarkNative replied; “Next time when you are set to release an album, make sure you invite all those who attended the wedding and launch it with them privately like the wedding. Let Strongman be the MC. You can’t take we ur fans for granted”.

Check the screenshot below.

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