Man Has Feels He Has ‘PERFECT’ Defence After Being Caught Banging Cows — ‘I Have S£x With Cows Because Girls Can Give Me HIV’

A Kenyan man probably thought he had found the perfect defence for bestiality after he was caught banging a cow in somebody’s farm.

According to this esteemed gentleman, he loves having s£x with cows because he fears having s£x with a woman would infect him with HIV.

John Mwaura was caught pants down by the owner of the cow after she returned from the farm.

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A crowd gathered and he narrowly escaped a lynching after begging for his life.

“It is not my first time. I have had s£x with four other cows in Ndunduri and Wanyororo. I am pleading for mercy,” he said.

“Don’t kill me…let me surrender my piece of land to pay for the cow.

“I always have s£x with the cow whenever I feel like because I fear girls might infect me with HIV.” he added.

He was handed over to authorities and is currently standing trial for his crime.

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