Meanwhile Amber Rose And Her 25 Years old Boyfriend, 21 Savage Have Allegedly Broken Up Weeks After Wiz Khalifa Ended It With His Girlfriend

The month of March certainly has a lot of break up. The aftermath of February does not look well at all and I am here asking myself what people are doing wrong or too right.

Former stripper (and oh we are not being judgemental on this one) Amber Rose and her 25 years old boyfriend, 21 Savage are no more according to multiple reports.

“We’re still together, I just unfollowed over 100 people though. His unfollow was by accident—It’s back up now. everybody was going in on my baby and I didn’t like that, ” to wit why she deleted his pictures.

This follows just weeks after Wiz Khalifa ended his relationship with girlfriend, Izabela Guedes. Wiz Khalif and Amber was an item and they have a son together.

Work the maths people.

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