Mob In Tafo ‘Arrests’ Two Lesbians And Attempt To Lynch Them

Once again a pair of LGBT people in Ghana minding their own business nearly found themselves killed by ignorant, backwards Ghanaians who leave all the corruption and broken down systems in their sh*thole to scapegoat gay people.

We guess beating down on ‘sinners’ make us feel good and forget for a while that people die in needless road accidents everyday and most people can’t afford three square meals.

A mob of young people in Tafo recently ‘arrested’ two lesbians allegedly having fun in their own bedroom.

The mob grabbed them from their room and tried lynching them but luckily, a police patrol team managed to save them.

“The youth in their numbers without evidence wanted to lynch them even with our presence”, Tafo Divisional Police Command, Superintendent David Amoako told the media.

“The aggrieved youth threw a stone at us and as a result, one officer was injured”,

It’s a matter of course that LGBT people have to live in such fear in Ghana due to the buffoonish nature of the populace, who still believe they live in the 12th century BC.

However, when you say Ghanaians are homophobic, they would deny it with all their might.

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