My Parents Taught Me To Respect Everybody No Matter Their Level In Society- 2Face Idibia

Tubaba has reiterated his stance on humility and how it has been key in his life achievements. The African Queen crooner has had a beautiful career and still active in the industry with his latest Amaka on top of charts.

He maintains that his success can be traced to how he treats people irrespective of who and what they have to their names. According to him, he had a proper upbringing and he was raised in a very humble home with parents always telling him the importance of respect.

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“My parents taught me to respect everybody no matter their level in society. I’ve carried that all the way in my life.

“You never know who you meet. Everybody has potential. Everybody is capable of becoming somebody, becoming massive, becoming huge.

“With a few money in my pocket and a few people saying ‘hey what’s up, what’s up’ doesn’t mean that I don’t go to the toilet no more.

“E no mean say when hunger dey catch me my own na iron I dey chop. Na the same normal food as you dey chop. The same normal water. All of us dey bleed the same blood.

“For me, I look at everybody as a creation of the almighty and we are all created equal. Except you do anyhow around me then I go respect myself and free you.

“So I’ve lived with that principle and I think I’m going to live like that till I die.

“I think it’s just out of the fact that I’m in the same industry and I know what it takes and what everybody goes through so I respect everybody’s hustle.”



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