New Bikini Pics Of Lord Paper’s S£x Partner In ‘Awurama’ Nana Yaa Jamaican Hit The Web (PHOTOS)

Seems like forever now but it was only a few years ago that Lord Paper shocked an entire nation with the release of his maiden video ‘Awurama’, which was more of a p0rn skit than a music video.

Whilst shocking it got him the fame he wanted and he’s now a mediocre yet semi successful artist who has landed a few notable features since.

Paper appeared in that video with a female lead, Nana Yaa Jamaican, a model who he ‘banged’ during the shoot.

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Nana Yaa was the ‘ish’ for a while after the video but she’s since become almost a ghost with her career going nowhere.

Recently some bikini pics of hers has been trending on the web.

Check her out below…

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