Okomfo Kwadee Abandoned By Family, Friends And Colleagues — Has Been Stuck At A Rehab Facility For 4 Years With No Visitor

Being a star in Ghana is a very dangerous job. For far too many of our celebrities, the day often comes when they run into trouble and there’s nobody around to provide them with the help they need.

At a point Okomfo Kwadee was one of the biggest stars in the country and his end is in a rehab centre with no family member interested in him.

In fact, not only has no family member seen him in the past few years, neither friends nor colleagues have so much as bothered to pay him one visit in the centre within that entire timespan.

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A report by Taabea TV looks into Kwadee’s pathetic situation. Lydia Abena Manu, leader and founder of Willing Ways foundation, told the station that Kwadee’s mother dropped him off at the centre in July 2013 and since then he’s not had even a single visitor.

“I provide him with shelter, food and many other things he needs but his family members, his fellow musicians, the Ghana Music Right Organization (GHAMRO) and the Musicians Union Of Ghana association (MUSIGA) have abandoned him… they’ve not paid him visit.”  she said.

Kwadee has had his problems in the past but being abandoned entirely by friends and family is on a whole other level.

Unfortunately for many celebrities in Ghana,especially majority of the old guard — that’s the kind of future they are left to contend with.

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