‘Osofo Maame’ Wahala — Pastor’s Wife N*de Video Leaks After She Accidentally It To A Whatsapp Group

One ‘Osofo maame’ is in hot waters this morning after she accidentally sent her own n*de video to a whatsapp group.

The graphic video, which GhanaCelebrities.Com has obtained, shows the Osofo Maame nekkid before her phone camera and playing with herself and dancing whilst her baby cries in the background.

It’s unclear why a pastor’s wife would shoot such a video, and even more incredible how she can mistakenly send it to a whatsapp group.

Was she sending it to the husband and mistakenly sent it to the group? Or she was sending it to her ‘boytoy’?

We don’t really know that at the moment but whatever the case, she’ll surely be in some hot waters this morning.

Unfortunately, GC cannot publish the video due to it’s graphic content.

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