Overflowing Korle-Bu — Patients Forced To Buy Plastic Chairs Or Sit On The Floor To Await Treatment

The deplorable condition of the Ghanaian health sector continues to rear its head day after day as our leaders look on unconcerned and Ghanaians die through easily treatable conditions.

The latest revelation about our ‘sh*thole’ health system is that patients at the nation’s premiere facility, the Korle Bu Teaching Hosptial, are being forced into sitting in plastic chairs or even on the floor as they wait to receive care due to overflow at the hospital.

Recently due to the numerous stories about patients being turned away from hospitals due to lack of beds, the Ministry of Health issued a directive preventing hospitals from turning away patients even if there are no beds.

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This has created a situation where the hospitals are receiving more patients than their capacity and leading to a new problem.

At the Surgical Medical Emergency Unit of Korle Bu, patients are being forced to purchase plastic chairs to get somewhere to sit or resort to sitting on the floor.

“Patients are receiving treatment on plastic chairs which they were made to buy because there were no vacant beds or chairs available,” Citi News’ Nii Armah Ammah reported from the hospital.

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